10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Burn more calories than you consume. If this makes you go: “D-uuuh!!”, snap out of it and consider that this elementary aspect of dieting excapes countless clueless — and doomed — dieters. Tabloids may claim to have the “miracle foods” that’ll allow you to eat like a pig and have the pounds melt off,… Read More »

Propecia – the Queen of Hair Loss Treatment

Propecia may sound like a fancy girls name but when it comes to dealing with hair loss she is definitely the Queen of hair restoration medications. Of all the hair loss products on the market there are only two medications that are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as clinically proven to… Read More »

What forms of baldness is Propecia?

The propecia is designed to treat only the form androgenic baldness (synonyms: male-pattern baldness, baldness hereditary). Approximately 95% of all cases of baldness are referring to this type. The medication is not designed for the treatment of other forms of alopecia: alopecia focal (alopecia natural), baldness caused by the lack of vitamins and nutrients, etc… Read More »